Guild Badges

A badge is something that is placed in the notes of a member in the guild roster and works as a tag. With the help of the Aetherius Badge Filter addon, the guild roster then can be filtered for players that have a certain badge.

Officers will have the duty to add and remove badges on member notes as the situation requires. This is simply done by adding a new line to the member note with one of the codes. Some badges require additional information right behind the code in the same line separated only with a space. For example some badges can be awarded multiple times and thus will have a number, some may note the date awarded.

The badges currently used in ITC are as follows:

Trading badges

Top Trader1Applied to the top 5 traders of the past week
Vendor10Applied to anyone who has sold wares for more than 200k gold in the past week
Shopkeeper10Replaces 10 Vendor badges
Entrepreneur10Applied to anyone who had a Top Trader badge in the week before
Executive10Replaces 10 Entrepreneur badges
TycoonReplaces 10 Shopkeeper or 10 Entrepreneur badges

Participation Badges

Officer1This is just there so players can filter for officers if they want to
BenefactorAwarded when someone has donated 5k or more in a week.
Philanthropist1 per dayAwarded by Officers to especially and regularly helpful members
ParticipantAwarded when someone participates in an official guild event
Associate1Awarded for writing 10 posts here on the forums. Will also be wiped and can be earned again after each DLC

Crafting Badges
These badges can be requested by players who want to craft items for gold, regardless of their skill level. Only request these if you are seeking crafting commissions and/or want to help fellow crafters by providing traits or other help.

Jack of all TradesThis badge is to be used to save some space if someone is proficient in all crafting categories
Trait MasterThis badge is for players that have learned all traits and are willing to make items for research purposes

Adventuring Badges
Can be requested by players if they are willing to join in a dungeon or trial from time to time.

Damage Dealer

Bite Badges
These are for players that agree to give away vampire or werewolf bites for free.