Guild Badges

A badge is something that is placed in the notes of a member in the guild roster and works as a tag. With the help of the Aetherius Badge Filter addon, the guild roster then can be filtered for players that have a certain badge.

Officers will have the duty to add and remove badges on member notes as the situation requires. This is simply done by adding a new line to the member note with one of the codes. Some badges require additional information right behind the code in the same line separated only with a space. For example some badges can be awarded multiple times and thus will have a number, some may note the date awarded.

The badges currently used in our guild are as follows:

Trading badges

Vendor5Applied to anyone who has sold wares for more than 1M gold in the past week
Shopkeeper5Replaces 5 Vendor badges
Entrepreneur5Applied to anyone in the top 10 sellers in the past week
Executive5Replaces 5 Entrepreneur badges
TycoonReplaces 5 Shopkeeper or 5 Entrepreneur badges

Participation Badges

BenefactorAwarded when someone has donated 50k or more gold in a single week
InvestorAwarded for every 1M gold donated to the guild bank cumulatively
ParticipantAwarded when someone participates in an official guild event or helped other guild members in some notable way. Guild members are encouraged to report to officers when someone deserves to earn this badge.
Associate1Awarded for joining our discord server. You can easily join our server via the discord widget in the sidebar

Service Badges
These badges can be requested by players who want to offer some service to other guild members.

ArtisanCan craft items for coin. Details have to be discussed personally
Trait MasterCan provide research materials. Details have to be discussed personally
WerewolfOffers free werewolf bites for guild members
VampireOffers free vampire bites for guild members

Organisational Badges
These badges are used to keep track of various things related to the management of the guild.

OfficerCan be used to quickly filter for officers in case you need assistance
AwayIn case you plan to be offline for more than the allowed period of your current rank, you can trade Benefactor badges for Away badges. One Away badge allows for an extra 7 days of inactivity, during which the sales requirement is also paused. In case of an early return, there are no refunds – so plan carefully how many you’ll need!
WarnedMembers who do not meet their minimum sales quota one week before the time limit, will receive a warning. Once they reach 3 warnings, they will simply be kicked without further notice after the month is full. (Note: for the purpose of this process, a month is defined as 4 trading weeks)