Guild Ranks

The Imperial Trading Company uses several different ranks within the guild. Each of these ranks represents the function the guild member serves, as well as the permissions and perks the guild member receives. Below each rank is explained.

If you would like to apply to become a more senior rank (an officer) it’s actually very informal and straight forward, simply speak to one of the existing Senior Officers or the Guild Leader.


Our entry level rank and the most basic rank of membership. Every member who joins the guild will begin here and undergo a two week probation phase before they can earn the next higher rank. In order to achieve and maintain this rank you must agree to buy and sell through our guild store and follow our basic rules as described in the guild charter. In addition a minimum of 3k gold in weekly sales is necessary. This rank is reserved for new recruits and they will only have access to buy and sell goods in our guild store.


The lowest rank for active guild members. In order to qualify for Yeoman, you must be an active, contributing member of the guild. You must have been with the guild at least two weeks and have earned one or more of the participation or trading badges. Yeoman permissions include access to the guild store and depositing items to the guild bank. They also have the ability to claim AvA resources and recruit new members, but aren’t expected to take an active role in recruitment. Members of this rank and above are expected to meet a minimum sales requirement of 15k gold per month and stay offline for at most 7 days.


A rank for trading members above Yeoman. This rank can be unlocked after staying with the guild for at least 30 days and earning 5 ‘Entrepreneur’ or ‘Vendor’ badges (in other words either an Executive or Shopkeeper badge).
In addition to the benefits of Yeoman rank, Traders gain access to retrieve items from the guild bank and can stay offline for up to 14 days.


The Merchant rank is for invested traders and the highest regular rank in the guild. You earn this by gaining an ‘Entrepreneur’ or a ‘Shopkeeper’ badge 25 times (in other words a Tycoon badge), or earning one ‘Investor’ badge. Inactivity limit for this rank is 21 days.


A special rank for members who have contributed to the guild or ESO community in a notable way. VIPs enjoy the same benefits as Merchants, but are exempt from inactivity limits and sales requirements.
Some examples for notable acts are earning 100 Vendor or Entrepreneur badges (4 Tycoon Badges or additionally/alternatively Investor badges), being guild master of a well known guild, maintaining one or more popular add-ons. There are many possible ways and if you think you deserve this rank, feel free to contact an officer.

Junior Officer

This is the entry level rank for new officers. You are expected to be helpful and friendly in game, take an active role with recruitment, ensuring the roster stays active and perhaps even run a guild event. You are also required to keep up to date with the other officers via any of the available officer channels. Permissions include recruiting powers, access to deposit items into the guild bank and promote members from Freeman to Yeoman. Junior Officers are also welcome to join in council discussions, but not required.

Senior Officer

The top tier officer rank, all Senior Officers have full in-game permissions, they can edit the guild details and message of the day, recruit, promote, demote and dismiss members. They have full access to the guild bank (withdraw and deposit both items and gold), and can claim or release claiming AvA resources. Senior Officers can also bid for traders although this task will be assigned to a specific officer. Senior Officers are players who have agreed to commit more time to the Guild especially with maintaining an active Guild roster and encouraging & attending events. They also assist with other events and resolving disputes when they’re available. Senior Officers also have a seat on the Council, kind of like a Guild ‘parliament’ where major Guild decisions are made. Junior Officers can choose to become Senior Officers once they have proven that they are active and trustworthy over at least half a year.

Guild Leader

This is the leader of the Imperial Trading Company. All permissions and access are granted.