9 ways to earn gold quickly

Now that we have changed our rules and introduced a sales requirement, we would like to demonstrate how easy it is to earn the required gold.

Method 1 – Quantity over Quality

List whatever you find while playing for the default price. That may sound stupid, but people are always looking for items to deconstruct, potions, soul gems, lockpicks, etc. You can sell almost anything for a few coins, and if it didn’t sell after a few days, you can just cancel the listing to free up some slots. This method will earn you 5k in no time with little extra effort.

Of course that means you will give away some very expensive items for next to nothing, but if you only care about earning enough gold for the sales requirement and don’t want to think too much about the market, this is the easiest method. As an additional benefit you’ll make some people very happy, since they will be able to find the sweetest deals and as a result lure more customers towards our store!

Method 2 – Know the Market

If you want to improve your yield, you will need to know what price something goes for. You can always just search for similar items on the store, ask in guild chat or use add-ons like Master Merchant, Arkadius Trade Tools and Tamriel Trade Center.

There are plenty of activities that quickly offer valuable items. You can do public or group dungeons, go questing, do dolmen runs, play PvP, go digging antiquities, heck even fishing gives you some good items to sell.

Method 3 – Pick Flowers

Farm and sell crafting materials. This may become a bit boring, but you do not need to do it often or for long. Install Harvest Map, download the node data via the included script and then set up a farming route in your favourite zone.

Regardless of your level, it should only take a couple of minutes to find enough materials for selling. Raw materials go for higher prices than refined materials, but the tempers you get from refining will also sell for a nice price.

Method 4 – Skyrim Dailies

Do Western Skyrim daily quests. Santie put together a nice video which explains how to earn a nice amount of gold by doing one of the Skyrim dailies.

The prices will likely go down quite a bit, now that it has been announced that there will soon be an event which offers the recipes as rewards, but it should still give you enough gold to meet the sales requirements.

Method 5 – Crafting Dailies

All quests together not only give you 4k gold at max level as quest rewards, but also have a chance to drop master writs, survey maps, equipment with the inspiration trait and boxes of crafting materials, which can earn you a nice extra 15k per day on average!

Method 6 – Set Items

Farming and selling overland sets. It always depends a bit on what streamers and their guides recommend at the moment, but those sets can sell for insane prices (hundreds of thousands of gold for specific items!).

Right now some popular sets are Warrior Maiden, Swamp Raider, Briarheart and Mad Tinkerer, but that can really change overnight if someone releases a new guide, so you’d best check with add-ons before selling something for cheap!

With the upcoming item set collection feature, this method may no longer give such huge sums any more, but should still turn a good profit either way, since collectors will be eager to purchase the missing pieces.

Method 7 – Crafted Items

You can easily earn a lot of gold by crafting the right consumables and putting them up for sale. Like with the overland sets it depends a bit on what is in vogue right now, so you will have to check up on that.

Equipment for trait research or glyphs for leveling up enchanting can also be turned into a profit. Endgame equipment – with the exception of glyphs – however is usually too much of a gamble and is better order made.

Method 8 – PvP Rewards

Many people hate PvP for one reason or another, but if you are into it you have a good way to earn massive amounts of gold by purchasing items for AP or Tel Var Stones and selling them on the store. From item sets to motifs, there are all kinds of valuables to sell.

Method 9 – Reselling Items

Once you get a better understanding of how trading works in Elder Scrolls Online and earned a nice bit of coin, you can start looking into a more advanced business avenue and start reselling items. This video by stabbitydoom has plenty of tips about trading add-ons and flipping items.

It may strike some as boring, but others enjoy it as a way to relax and it is actually one of the easiest ways to earn massive amounts of gold. But be aware that with anything that gives you a high reward, there is also a high risk involved and if you are not careful you may loose a lot of gold instead. Definitely not recommended for the inexperienced trader!

These are just some of the possible ways and as you can hopefully see now, it is really easy to earn gold by trading and hitting the 5k gold sales requirement should not be a problem for anyone. It shouldn’t take more than an hour once a month!

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