Small rule update

Since the introduction of our current rules, the in-game economy has seen some considerable changes and gold is no longer worth as much as it was back than. As a result we decided to make a few adjustments to our requirements.

  • Vendor badge to 1M from 300k
  • Benefactor badge to 50k from 15k
  • Minimum sales for Freeman rank to 3k per week from 1k
  • Minimum sales for other ranks to 15k per month from 5k

The changes will take effect with the next trading week (2022W12).
Thanks for your understanding!

New Guild Rules

The Imperial Trading Company has been operating continuously since before the early access phase of the original PC launch of Elder Scrolls Online in 2014 and until now we have always tried to make ends meet with the tax system the game provides.
Ever since the introduction of the multi-bidding system, kiosk bids have been on the rise however. Especially over the past few months there has been a considerable increase and our upkeep has reached new levels that are no longer sustainable with the current rule-set for our guild.

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A new home

After more than 5 years we finally departed from our Enjin site. The forum was once the main stage for all communication outside the game, but with the introduction of our Discord server, its usage has steadily declined.

The introduction of the in-game application system has finally replaced the last use we still had for it and thus we decided to migrate to a simple self-hosted blog, which is both cheaper and gives us more control over the site.

The old website can still be visited here until the day Enjin decides to remove it or disappears in its entirety. In order to be able to switch to the free plan it had to be adjusted, so it no longer looks like what it used to.

The new site is still a work in progress and will see a few changes over the next few days.